Come to a one-stop shop for retail shop supplies

Do you ever run short of cash register rolls or price tickets in your retail store? It’s hard for the retailer to keep tabs on every little detail, and sometimes these small but significant shop supplies get forgotten in the struggle to source and manage the stock for sale in your store.

Any store owner who has had to rush out to a local newsagent to find a couple of till rolls, or drive across town to find some price gun tickets, knows how running short of shop supplies wastes your time and eats into your business profits. It doesn’t have to be like that: consider purchasing shop supplies from Bethel Shopfitting World.

Bethel Shopfitting World is known as a leading provider of cost-effective storage and display solutions for retail and industrial applications. Our vast stockholding of industrial and retail shelving and storage products is complemented by extensive stocks of a variety of consumable items like price tickets and cash register rolls. We also stock shopfitting accessories like security mirrors, supermarket trolleys, advertising frames and hand baskets.

We source quality shop supplies and shop equipment around the globe, and we’re confident that our prices can’t be beaten. We also take pride in our reputation as a customer-focused one-stop shop for retailers. Orders placed by phone, email or fax, are usually fulfilled within 24 hours, and you can also visit our showroom to collect orders in person. Whether our customer is designing pallet racking for a warehouse, fitting a storage rack in a home workshop, looking for stunning display cabinets for a jewellery store or replenishing shop supplies for a corner store, no order is too large or too small.

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